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DALFDiplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (French)
DALFDenver Area Labor Federation (Colorado)
DALFDigital Archive of Letters by Flemish Authors and Composers from the 19th and 20th Century
DALFDrive Average Load Factor
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Ultimately, the subject of 'September 11" might be curatorial subjectivity; "what we read into images," Elcey acknowledges, is "itself a thematic undercurrent of the exhibition at large." The show sets up a screen for associations, almost in an updating of the "paranoid-critical" method of Dalf, an art-historical version of "If you see something, say something*" Eleey is no doubt alert to the "ethical difficulty" here, the problem of "trapping" the art in such projections, and his curatorial voluntarism is sometimes bracing.
It'sreally worth while registering to take DELF / DALF exams which are French exams that match the CEFR levels:DILF, DELF and DALF - Everything you need to know about French Diplomas.
Adams Sitney would later designate the "trance film," the dominant mode of early-'60s underground film, as well as other surrealist gems, including the sequences Salvador Dalf made for Hitchcock's Spellbound (1945), and similar avant-garde interfaces with the film industry.