DALISDelaware Appraisal Land Information System (est. 1994; Delaware, OH)
DALISDisaster Assistance Logistics Information System
DALISDocumentation and Location Identification System
DALISDynamic Angle-Limited Integrated Scattering
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Some of the most popular DALIS Web tools are: an Extract tool that allows for zipping and shipping data layers in shape files format, Metadata which is available from a drop down tool at the layer level, a link to thousands of scanned subdivisions and survey plats, a wealth of demographic data and thematic layers available at the parcel level, and a Drill tool that provides links to various web sites and ready made maps, also at the parcel level.
Due to its flexibility and ease-of-use, DALIS Web has become a premier example of an enterprise GIS system: a system that is rapidly becoming the main source of information for many users in the public and private sector.
As a result, the DALIS team started designing and developing DALIS Web: an ArcIMS based Interactive Map Server application fully customized using .
We believe that we have met our initial objectives of: increased productivity, greater flexibility, enhanced data sharing, and higher cost efficiency with DALIS Web.
Perhaps the most important and unexpected outcome of DALIS Web is the realization that datasets should not be kept in isolated silos and that if they are integrated they would serve a larger community and consequently enhance the quality of service to everyone.
In the testing stage, making sure that DALIS Web would behave uniformly in various browsers introduced some challenges.
DALIS Web provides a large number of datasets (42data layers) in four separate yet integrated modules; General, Environment, Census, and Plats/Survey.
DALIS Web's Environment tab provides information such as soils, 100-Year flood plains, hydrology, parks, elevation, and shaded relief (Figure 2).
DALIS Web's Census tab provides several sets of demographic data at the Census Block, Block Group, and Tract conflated to the parcel level.
DALIS Web's Plats/Survey tab allows access to thousands of scanned subdivisions and survey plats which were available only from the County Recorder's office and in hard copy format prior to launching the web site.
These datasets were then converted (when and if necessary), joined, and Q/C'ed by DALIS team
DALIS Web was modified several times during its design.