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DALMDrugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism (professional conference)
DALMDysplasia Associated Lesion or Mass
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Regarding the value of CLE for detection of dysplasia-associated lesions or mass (DALM) or adenoma-like mass (ALM) in UC patients, Hurlstone and co-workers obtained high accuracy values, for example, the agreement between CLE and histopathologic evaluation was [kappa] = 0.91, and accuracy was 97% [69].
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(Synapsis Forst) with a list of Anacharis Dalm. Species occurring in Poland (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea, Anacharitidae).
And new and Mats M spells at O Dalm anyo Ma inf Dalman said: "Why wouldn't anyone want to tap into that Manchester United influence?
In Dalm, the liberal Justices viewed Francis Dalm as a sympathetic taxpayer entitled to a refund, but many individuals that come to the Court are likely to be wealthy taxpayers challenging taxes such as those imposed on business activities, capital gains, and so forth--challenges that would most likely not get a sympathetic ear from the liberal Justices.
More than 600 scientists, physicians, and other health care practitioners shared the latest scientific research at the XVII International DALM Symposium, bringing together leading experts from across the region and broader international scientific community to discuss health issues which are of particular importance to the Middle East and Arabic populations.
AS part of its efforts to update physicians on research regarding the prevention and pharmacological treatment of diabetes, obesity and cardiometabolic disorders, the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMCQ) has decided to host the XVII International Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism (DALM) symposium from March 14 to 16.
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