DALRDry Adiabatic Lapse Rate (meteorology)
DALRDirect Action Land Reform (Brazilian Amazon)
DALRDebt and Loan Restructuring (USDA)
DALRDivision of Adult Learning and Rehabilitation (New Hampshire)
DALRDigital Audio Legal Recorder (FAA)
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Rising unsaturated air cools at the DALR. Rising saturated air cools at the MALR.
Given enough moisture, when unsaturated air is lifted upward, it expands and cools at the DALR and clouds may form.
During the afternoon it's common for the environmental lapse rate to approach the dry adiabatic lapse rate (DALR) in the first few thousand feet of the surface (left).
This surface heating produces an environmental lapse rate equal to the DALR. If the winds are generally strong (10 to 25 knots), moderate thermal turbulence will result.
Scan the Skew-T diagram for any lapse rates approaching the DALR and look for strong winds.
Find the closest DALR line to the surface temperature.
We can draw a line that is constant for any unsaturated air parcel and label it as the DALR. Notice that this says nothing about the environment around the ascending parcel--I'll address that in a minute.
This rate is typically less than the DALR because as the saturated air cools, water vapor condenses and releases latent heat back into the parcel--it warms up the parcel--effectively slowing down the cooling process.
The MALR is not constant like the DALR; it varies with temperature.
31 August 2017 - Canadian miner Dalradian Resources Inc (TSX: DNA) (AIM: DALR) has closed the acquisition of the 2% net smelter return royalty formerly held by UK-based miner Minco plc (LSE: MIO) on Dalradian's Curraghinalt gold deposit, the company said.
30 August 2017 - The High Court of Ireland approved UK-based miner Minco plc (LSE: MIO) deal to sell the Curraghinalt Royalty to Canadian miner Dalradian Resources Inc (TSX: DNA) (AIM: DALR), the company said.