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DALSDirectory Assistance Listing Service
DALSDowned Aviator Locator System (US DoD)
DALSDental Advanced Life Support (medical course)
DALSDirector of Army Legal Services (various armed forces)
DALSDistributed Adaptive Learning System (web-based learning system)
DALSDistress Alerting and Locating System
DALSDraw-a-Line Slowly Test (impulsivity)
DALSDelta Amino Levulinic Synthetase
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Tata Chemicals launched Tata I-Shakti dals in 2010 with a mission to not only bridge the existing gap between demand and supply of pulses in the country; but also provide reliable quality, hygienic pulses to Indian households and pioneer the 'unpolished dals' category.
Tata I-Shakti unpolished dals are currently available in over 24,000 retail outlets across 21 states, and these retail stores are leveraged in order to make the product available to the consumers across India.
On Tuesday, Dal and Ismailov also condemned the thrashing of the attacker after he was already pushed to the ground and was held down helpless.
Dal voiced strong suspicions the delegates who were the most aggressive in the beating would lead the DPS ballots in the upcoming general election.
Our goal is to cover the entire country even though our strongest support comes from the regions that know well Kasim Dal and me," Ismailov explained.