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DAMASDental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme
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Damas probably intended to be much bolder, but his publishers cut his aspirations short as they would have involved producing deluxe editions.
Sama is now available at select Damas luxury boutiques across the GCC, all sold by Damas' team of expert consultants who guide customers to make the best-informed decisions on jewellery purchases.
Kevin Ryan, retail director, Damas, said: "The Damas sale is our way of celebrating and showing our gratitude for the continued support of our loyal customers across the region.
Kevin Ryan, Retail Director of Damas inaugurated the new store.
A global expansion in the western hemisphere is something we are very keen to solidify in 2015, and at the moment, we are examining the possibility of launching new international Damas outlets," Ryan said.
Damas is a one-stop shop for beauty connoisseurs seeking luxury wrapped in minimalistic design.
Anan Fakhreddin, CEO of Damas, said: "At Damas, we believe that quality comes from innovation and creativity is at the heart of the brand.
Obviously, we were going through a major crisis in 2010 when I joined Damas.
The 457 minimum salary threshold (or TSMIT), which is $53 900, applies to workers under DAMAs.
Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn with their Bol Bachchan co-stars visited the Damas store in Oasis Centre, Dubai on Saturday as part of a promotional tour for their upcoming film
Catherine Youlios, Chief Executive Officer of Talos, said, "It's a great pleasure for us to have Damas as our retail partner in the GCC and throughout the Middle East.
A spokesperson for Emaar Properties told XPRESS: "Emaar is in the process of replacing the damas or conocarpus lancifolious trees from our communities, depending on their location and proximity to homes.