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DAMBADatenaustausch Mit Banken (German: Data Exchange with Banks" - Siemens)
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To see if acupuncture could help alleviate patients' symptoms, Ting Bao MD, DAMBA, MS, of the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Centre in Baltimore, and her colleagues recruited 47 breast cancer survivors taking aromatase inhibitors and suffering from joint/muscle discomfort to participate in a clinical trial.
The song "Kowlan Handaine" and "Amba Damba Sevanali" sung with Sydney Attigala for the film "Jeevithaya" are still a hot favorite among the public.
The satellite operator recently appointed Felix Damba as its MD for Africa.
In Burkina Faso, 309 persons have arrived in camps in the north and northeast (including in Damba and Mentao camps), as well as in Bobo Dioulasso.
Etre responsable (du village, d'un parti, du departement) se designe par l'expression << taor damba >>, litteralement << ceux qui sont devant >>.
Zanabazar was reborn in Mongolia as Luvsan Damba Donmi (1724-1757), son of the prince Darkhan Chin Wang Dondobdorji.
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West Cape News, November 29, 2011, Nombulelo Damba 'Mandela Park house chaos'.
Damba Gantemur, the chairman of Mongolia's Sustainable Tourism Development Center, recognizes that, until recently, tourism was a top-down industry with an inefficient value chain.
Most often they reflect on the complex commercial relations between African brokers and European merchants on the coast, but occasionally they also convey information received from Holt's agent located hundreds of miles inland in the Damba district.