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DAMBEData Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution (book)
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Nucleotide sequences were aligned with the Clustal W program running within the software package DAMBE 4.
A phylogenetic tree based on maximum likelihood with 100 bootstrap replications was constructed using DAMBE (Xia 2000, Xia and Xie 2001).
number of transition and transversion substitutions for all pairwise comparisons among taxa for each codon position in DAMBE.
De forma complementaria se realizo un analisis de distribucion de la variabilidad en el fragmento mitocondrial secuenciado determinando la entropia (Hx) de cada posicion nucleotidica en el programa DAMBE (Xia y Xie 2001).
The averaged frequency of each base and the estimated ratio of transitions to transversions (ts/tv) were calculated with the freeware program DAMBE (Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution, Xia and Xie, 2001).