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DAMBEData Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution (book)
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Xie, "DAMBE: software package for data analysis in molecular biology and evolution," Journal of Heredity, vol.
(2003) and Xia and Lemey (2009) implemented in the program DAMBE (Xia and Xie 2001).
2007) teniendo en cuenta la secuencia de referencia para Citocromo oxidasa I de Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus, 1762) (Genbank: NC_010241.1), y posteriormente evaluar la composicion nucleotidica, variabilidad nucleotidica por sitio (entropia) y caracterizacion de mutaciones no informativas (patron de saturacion) mediante el software DAMBE (Xia 2002).
He teaches them the Hausa martial art (from Nigeria) called dambe (similar to Thai kick boxing).
A phylogenetic tree based on maximum likelihood with 100 bootstrap replications was constructed using DAMBE (Xia 2000, Xia and Xie 2001).
One such study was conducted by Polhemus, Dambe, Moorad, and Dambe (1985) that examined students learning about the concept of length and how it is not dependent upon context (e.g., spatial orientation).
The identification function happens in normal predications (Abdu nee 'ir is Abdu') and in all types of focus fronting constructions with visible referents (dambe nee akee yii can (boxing cop imp-RI do there) 'it is boxing that people are (now) doing there' vs.
In fact the district office of Dambe has changed its location four times already.