DAMCIDerek Anthony Moore Charity Inc. (philanthropic organization; Lanham, MD)
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Figure 5(a) shows the initial scheduling, and Figure 5(b) shows the scheduling given by Damci et al.
Several studies also have found that some styles of insecure attachment are associated with poorer glycemic control (Ciechanowski, Hirsch, & Katon, 2002; Ciechanowski, Russo, Katon, & Walker, 2001) and poorer adherence to blood glucose testing and injections (Turan, Osar, Turan, Ilkova, & Damci, 2003).
Sema Akalin, Mustafa Araz *, Mustafa Kemal Balci **, Abdurrahman COmlekci ***, Taner Damci ***, Tomris Erbas ***, Ilhan Satman ***, Zeynep Osar Siva ***, Kursat Unluhizarci ***
However, the current engineering and architectural curricula do not provide adequate education about precast concrete systems from the structural, architectural and managerial standpoints in Turkey (Agrali 2005; Polat and Damci 2007; Polat 2008c) as well as in many other countries such as the U.S.