DAMDDirected Amplification of Minisatellite-Region DNA
DAMDDream Automotive Development & Design (Japan)
DAMDDistributed Algorithmic Mechanism Design (computer science)
DAMDDigital Asset Management Database
DAMDDis-Section Architecture, Media, Design (Philadelphia, PA)
DAMDDiabetes-Associated Microvascular Dermatoses
DAMDDuct Air Monitor Device
DAMDDevelopment of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Mineral Database
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Nutritional supplements, that is, Ocuvite PreserVision with Lutein, have shown to provide therapeutic benefits in both wAMD and dAMD [14-16].
"We do have a couple of family homes in Rockhampton under water which have been seriously hit by flood damd age.
Unpublished study performed in at the Public Health Institute in Oakland, California, and funded by the US Army Medical Research and Material Command under DAMD 17- 99-1-9358.
Fingerprinting of cell lines by directed amplication of minisatellite-region DNA (DAMD).
DAMD 17-96-1-6246; National Institutes of Health R24 EXPORT Center Grant No.
Acknowledgements: The authors thank the Department of Defense for grant DAMD 17-98-18654.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The Mujeres Felices por Ser Saludables project was supported by the US Army Medical Research and Material Command under DAMD 17-96-2-6013.
(2002) study were based on combined data from AFLP, chloroplast-specific simple sequence repeat length (CpSSRLP), RAPD, and directed amplification of minisatellite-region (DAMD) analyses.
This work was supported by Public Health Service Grant AI-056689 from the National Institutes of Health and by Department of Defense Grant DAMD 17-01-1-0787 from the United States Army Medical Research Materiel Command.