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DAMESDAASC Automatic Message Exchange System
DAMESDAASO Asynchronous Message Entry System
DAMESDLSC ADPE Minimum Essential Systems
DAMESDefense Automated Message Execution System
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Dame Nanette, look for those apricots which Madame de Longueville sent to us yesterday from Noisy and give half a dozen of them to your son, with a crust of new bread."
The councillor placed himself at the window; the street was completely deserted, but in the distance was heard, like the noise of the tide rushing in, the deep hum of the populous waves increasing now around Notre Dame.
This noise redoubled when D'Artagnan, with a company of musketeers, placed himself at the gates of Notre Dame to secure the service of the church.
Friquet, whose eye, ever on the alert, could alone have discovered them, had gone to devour his apricots upon the entablature of a house in the square of Notre Dame. Thence he saw the king, the queen and Monsieur Mazarin, and heard the mass as well as if he had been on duty.
Thus, counseled by the ever-present spirit of her husband, Dame Dermody wrote:
Like many of her poorer neighbors, she was a little afraid of Dame Dermody; and she was, besides, habitually averse to all discussions which turned on the mysteries of spiritual life.
"They beat him so cruelly in the course of investigation," went on the dame de compagnie , "that they injured him internally.
The dame de compagnie , listening up the stairs where now two voices were alternating with some animation, made no answer for a time.
The dame de compagnie had advanced to the open hall-door.
The dame de compagnie mused for a while in the doorway.
"Hi, Dame Eliza, bring a stoup of your best to Will to clear his throat.
Both the foresters and the laborers had risen from their bench, and Dame Eliza and the travelling doctor had flung themselves between the two parties with soft words and soothing gestures, when the door of the "Pied Merlin" was flung violently open, and the attention of the company was drawn from their own quarrel to the new-comer who had burst so unceremoniously upon them.