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DAMISDrug & Alcohol Management Information System (Army)
DAMISDefense Audit Management Information System
DAMISDepartment of the Army Management Information System
DAMISDefense Analysis and Management Information System
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Jassim al-Ghazali trained Damis (Avranche up) proved too superior to the opposition while winning the Al Musheireb Cup, a Pure Arabian Stakes race, the highlight of the eight-event card that was held under the patronage of Advisory Council Deputy Speaker HE Issa bin Rabia al-Rabia al-Kuwari at the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club yesterday .
Al Jeali did the front running followed by El Zourda with Damis racing in close proximity.
8th race: Damis (Gerald Avranche) 1, Amour N' Al Maury 2, Al Jeali 3, El Zourda 4.
Damis responde: "Sim, se for tambem verdade (aletheia)".
Apolonio--Entao, Damis, a divindade e um pintor e abandonando o carro alado em que viaja poe ordem no divino e no humano?
Da mesma forma como aparece no dialogo travado entre Apolonio e Damis, a existencia das pinturas suscita uma acao pedagogica.
Francaleu, the unsuccessful poet who finds success by publishing in the Mercure as a Basse-Bretonne, Mlle Meriadec de Kersic, de Quimper, is clearly the equivalent of Desforges-Maillard, while Damis, who responds to her and decides to marry her, represents all those writers who were taken in by him, and potentially Voltaire himself.
In fact, Damis certainly does have some ridiculous characteristics, as Piron himself points out elsewhere, (11) but this still remains a surprising portrait of Voltaire to come from the pen of Piron, and we might add that neither do Damis's material circumstances match those of Voltaire at the time of the incident of the 'muse bretonne', for while Voltaire was already in his late thirties with an established reputation, Damis is a relative unknown awaiting the premiere of his first play, which flops.
Orgon's second wife Elmire, the stepmother of Damis and Mariane, serves as another proponent of moderation and skillful diplomacy.
By skillfully manipulating the biblical principle that self-abasement brings exaltation while pride brings a fall, the villain Tartuffe affects the most shameless self-disparagement, not to cleanse his conscience, but to push Damis deeper into trouble.
The Damis (Block S-1) Production Licence is situated approximately 80 km to the southwest of the companys exploration Block 7, which holds the Al Meashar oilfield discovery in the Sabatayn Basin in central West Yemen.
For the attention of: Vincent Deburck, directeur fonctionnel de la DAMIS