DAMOTDepartment of the Army Military Operations Training
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It then waters the kingdoms of Amhara, Olaca, Choaa, and Damot, which lie on the left side, and the kingdom of Goiama, which it bounds on the right, forming by its windings a kind of peninsula.
In the total population, proportion of deaths probably due to malaria varied from 51.7% (Karuzi) to 78.3% (Kayanza) and from 53.0% (Ngozi) to 82.3% (Damot Gale) for children <5 years of age (Table 1).
When surveys covered most of the epidemic duration (74% in Ngozi, 85% in Karuzi, 83% in Damot Gale), malaria was the probable cause of death for a comparable proportion of the population (1.5% [8,900/574,400] in Ngozi, 0.9% [2,800/308,400] in Karuzi, and 1.9% [5,400/286,600] in Damot Gale).
Rates ranged from 0.5 in Kayanza to 1.7 in Damot Gale, higher than the expected rate of 0.27 in subSaharan Africa (14).
In Damot Gale, access to treatment was poor (data not shown), probably due to the dearth of health facilities.
deaths probably due to 9 (64.3) 27 (53.0) malaria, children <5 y (%) Probable malaria-specific 0.8 (0.4-1.5) 1.0 (0.7-1.5) mortality rate (95% CI) Probable malaria-specific 2.3 (0.9-5.4) 2.6 (1.5-4.6) mortality rate, children <5 y (95% CI) Ethiopia Karuzi Damot Gale Dates of survey March 2001 January 2004 Beginning of Anniversary of Prince Last Meskal recall period Rwagasore murder ([double dagger]) Recall period, d 153 125 No.
We present case studies from these interventions (Kisii and Gucha Districts, Kenya, 1999; Kayanza Province, Burundi, 2000-2001; Gutten and Damot Gale, Ethiopia, 2003-2004; Aweil East County, southern Sudan, 2003).
MSF issued alerts in Kayanza (doubling of fever cases in epidemic week 2, early exhaustion of antimalarial stocks), Aweil East (quadrupled inpatient and outpatient malaria after epidemic week 1), and Damot Gale (increased proportion of P.
In Damot Gale, despite incomplete reporting, a massive increase in caseload was evident at the province level (6,500 from July through October 2003 vs.
Hospitalization capacity was 0.45 beds per 10,000 people in Gutten and 0.53 beds per 10,000 in Damot Gale, where, in June and July 2003 (epidemic onset), the rate of outpatient consultations per person per year was 0.03-0.09 (0.5-1.0 is expected in such settings if access is good) (20).
Conversion of existing MSF nutritional structures enabled expansion of care in Aweil East and Damot Gale.
falciparum positivity among malnourished children admitted to feeding centers in Damot Gale (Figure 1).