DAMPFDetrusor Adjusted Mean Passive Urethral Resistance Factor
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(1983) Redefinicion taxonomica de Montezumia cardinalis (Dampf) (Lepidoptera: Sessidae).
Taxonomic studies of ostracodes from Lago Peten Itza began in 1925 with collections by Dampf and identifications by Brehm (1939).
The production also employed women playing men as men, such as Reignier (Elizabeth Dampf), and Prince Edward (Caitlin Megginson), casting that worked to emphasize the very feminine demeanors of York and Warwick even more.
(42.) Reder, Mit Uhrwerk, Dampf und Strom: Vom Spieizeug zur Modelleisenbahn (Dussel-dorf, 1988), pp.
In the German language, angry people continue to 'let off steam' (Dampf ablassen) if they have 'missed the train' (Der Zug ist abgefahren).
Im estnischen Sprachraum findet sich reichlich Wortschatz zu Naturerscheinungen, der dem Baltischen entsprungen ist, wie etwa aur 'Dampf', hall, -a 'Reif', harm(atis) 'Reif, Rauhreif', karss 'Glatteis', kirme 'Hauch, dunne Schicht', kirs 'dunne Eisschicht', kou 'Gewitter', marg 'Vollmond', rahe 'Hagel(korn)', roud 'gefrorene Erdoberflache', rand 'nasser Schnee', tara: kuu t.
While Paul Youngman devotes one chapter of his book on nineteenth-century 'realist' depictions of the train to Fontane's Cecile and Effi Briest, Philipp Frank's methodical analysis is entirely devoted to the significance of technology in the whole of Fontane's output, from poems such as the early 'Junker Dampf' and the later 'Bruck' am Tay' through the reportage of his English journalism and wanderings through the Mark Brandenburg to the 'Hauptwerk' that is his later narrative output.
Erik Jacobs of New York City, Hob dampf's lawyer, said the decision was a disappointment and a radical departure from the unanimous intermediate court ruling in his client's favor.
Carol Dampf and Phil Mills join the PR team as account executive and senior editor respectively.
Im Jahr 2002 hat das Unternehmen in der Produktionsstatte in Leuze in Zusammenarbeit mit Electrabel die grosste Kraft-Warme-Kopplungsanlage zur okologischen Produktion von Strom, Warme und Dampf ans der anaeroben Aufbereitung von Biogas installiert.
Helen Pryor Gail O'Grady Jack Pryor Tom Verica Meg Brittany Snow JJ Will Estes Patty Sarah Ramos Will Ethan Dampf Roxanne Bojarksi Vanessa Lengies Henry Walker Jonathan Adams Sam Walker Arlen Escarpeta Rebeca Sandstrom Virginia Madsen Michael Brooks Joseph Lawrence With a handful of films over the last few years, Hollywood has flirted with capturing the role music plays in individuals' lives.