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DAMSDelhi Academy of Medical Sciences (Delhi, India)
DAMSDebugging and Monitoring System
DAMSDriot-Arnoux Motorsport (French racing team)
DAMSDefense Acquisition Management System (US DoD)
DAMSDental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome
DAMSDigital Asset Management System
DAMSDeputy Assistant Military Secretary
DAMSDrug Abuse Monitoring System (National Centre for Drug Abuse Prevention; National Institute of Social Defence; Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment; India)
DAMSDiscipline Arte, Musica, Spettacolo (Spanish: Discipline Art, Music, Entertainment)
DAMSDigital Archive Management System (various organizations)
DAMSDefensively Armed Merchant Ship (World War I)
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RAWALPINDI -- The Punjab Planning Commission has approved the Daducha Dam project worth Rs6.
Critics have cited the potential risks to the communities downstream and adverse socioeconomic and environmental impacts of building large dams.
With the purpose of increasing awareness about dam safety measures in the country and finalisation of Emergency Action Plan (EAP) a stakeholders consultation Workshop was organised by Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department in collaboration with Central Water Commission was held recently at Krishnagiri dam site, district Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu.
On the other hand, Initial work out for the construction of Dadocha Dam has been completed while Dotara Dam will be constructed near Khan Pur Dam and electricity would also be generated from this Dam.
There is inherent risk to all dams (though)," said Erik Petersen, corps operations manager in Eugene.
The majority of the dams in New York are privately owned; the rest are owned by local governments, the state, public utilities or even the federal government.
Approximately 92% of the general dentists claimed that they knew the use of rubber dam but 77% stated that it was not available at their practice.
The present study has been done by a detailed study of environmental impacts of three different dams, Tarbela (Pakistan), Aswan (Egypt) and Three Gorges Dam (China) and the comparative analysis of before and after construction scenario of the dams has been conducted.
It's a really great feeling to help home and business owners affected by these storms," said Dmitry Lipinskiy, CEO of Ice Dam Liquidators.
HEC-RAS hydraulic model is capable to model both types of break in soil dams including overtopping and piping phenomenon.
The number of dams established until 1433 AH (2012) reached 394 dams at a cost of (5,491, 808,377 billion Saudi riyals) and a water storage capacity of approximately (1,926,898,524 billion cubic liters).
In Sikkim, a landlocked Indian state located in the Himalayan mountains, due to the intense pressure by the affected communities, the government of Sikkim has cancelled four dams on Teesta River, due to social and environmental concerns.