DANBDental Assisting National Board
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And, as evidenced by DanB's four-year-old 20-foot-diameter machine (which has survived several 100-plus mph winds), they're tough as nails.
"They will make electricity at about 300 rpm, and if you put a three- to five-foot blade on it, it makes a pretty good little 50-watt wind turbine," says DanB, "but they're not waterproof and the bearings don't hold up.
To which DanB adds, "But it was the first really good plan out there.
"Hugh really perfected the furling system we use, and to a large degree designed the modern incarnation of the axial-flux alternator," DanB confided, with a distinct note of reverence for his friend and mentor.
"The axial-flux is cool because it's a pretty well sorted out design that's been around for 120 years and is easy to build," DanB tells me.
Donations to ADM, Juliette Southard, and DANB scholarships were once again this year voted on and gladly given.
I know that DANB has developed that minimum standard but as dental assistants, we need to force the issue both at the state and national levels.
The state group has held infection control prep courses for the DANB exam and has additional dates planned for the fall.
The institution promoted the DANB exam and membership in ADAA.
Both the ADAA and DANB made plans for next year's breakfast, and we both want to share how others can donate to our Foundations in the future.
We had weekly phone conference calls to designate committee members to plan registration, refreshments, obtain materials and a banner from the ADAA and DANB, solicit table sponsors, etc.