DANCDevelopment Authority of the North Country (est. 1985)
DANCDecontaminating Agent, Non Corrosive
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HIGH on a mountain of enamell'd head - Such as the drowsy shepherd on his bed Of giant pasturage lying at his ease, Raising his heavy eyelid, starts and sees With many a mutter'd "hope to be forgiven" What time the moon is quadrated in Heaven - Of rosy head, that towering far away Into the sunlit ether, caught the ray Of sunken suns at eve - at noon of night, While the moon danc'd with the fair stranger light - Uprear'd upon such height arose a pile Of gorgeous columns on th' unburthen'd air, Flashing from Parian marble that twin smile Far down upon the wave that sparkled there, And nursled the young mountain in its lair.
Thou hast bound many eyes In a dreamy sleep - But the strains still arise Which thy vigilance keep - The sound of the rain Which leaps down to the flower, And dances again In the rhythm of the shower -
Rais'd of grassie terf Thir Table was, and mossie seats had round, And on her ample Square from side to side All AUTUMN pil'd, though SPRING and AUTUMN here Danc'd hand in hand.
as He Dancealot Chico Marx Danc BET OF THE DAY 10/11 HARRY ANGEL 4.15 HAYDOCK I MANAGED to tick off another activity from my bucket list this week when attending Laytown races on Thursday.
In 1960, ECBC (then called the Chemical Research and Development Laboratories) reformulated DANC and called it DANC 2.
DANC has agreed to cover half the costs of capital investments for counties to move to single-stream recycling, up to $600,000, and authority officials brought along a check for $241,637.60 for the Lewis County Solid Waste Department to cover their share of costs incurred thus far.
Yes, while the miners were struggling to save their industry across the region, moves to create a danc centre in Newcastle were afoot.
De acordo com Regimento Interno, foi instituido o Diario da Constituinte, programa de radio e TV, com duracao de cinco minutos, que foi ao ar, durante toda a vigencia da ANC, de segunda a sexta-feira, duas vezes ao dia, apresentado por todas as emissoras de radio e TV em horarios diferentes, definidos por cada uma delas, desde que fosse no horario nobre (DANC, 1987).
The people at Festival excited with the traditional Punjabi Danc "Luddi".
The great detective's countenance is described consistently throughout the stories: on his "thin eager face" (BERY: 257), also described as "eager aquiline" (BERY: 101), his "thin hawk-like nose" (SCAR: 10; REDH: 142) and his "deep set eye" (DANC: 443) combine to create the image of the impassionate intellectual, entirely dedicated to the matters of the mind and remote from the ordinary people's worries and affections.
DANC HILDS'SVE RDICT Petr Cech Reading have a decent chance of establishing themselves in the Premier League but tonight's trip to Stamford Bridge looks like an exercise in damage limitation.