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DANCEDDanish Cooperation for Environment and Development
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When she wanted to dance to the right, the shoes would dance to the left, and when she wanted to dance up the room, the shoes danced back again, down the steps, into the street, and out of the city gate.
At last the time had come for the fourth dance--longed for by the strong, grave Adam, as if he had been a delicate-handed youth of eighteen; for we are all very much alike when we are in our first love; and Adam had hardly ever touched Hetty's hand for more than a transient greeting--had never danced with her but once before.
Bingley had danced with her twice, and she had been distinguished by his sisters.
Frank Churchill had danced once at Highbury, and longed to dance again; and the last halfhour of an evening which Mr.
"I always want some one to kiss when I have danced with my soul as well as my body."
They slept in twelve beds all in one room; and when they went to bed, the doors were shut and locked up; but every morning their shoes were found to be quite worn through as if they had been danced in all night; and yet nobody could find out how it happened, or where they had been.