DANCEEDanish Cooperation for Environment in Eastern Europe
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If, following a detailed evaluation of contamination risk, a site is acknowledged to be risky to the current usage of soil or the resources of drinking water, the site receives a higher rank of contamination risk and detailed eco-geological analysis must be performed in that particular place (DANCEE 2000).
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Pecour tant pour hommes que pour femmes qui ont ete dancees a l'Opera.
The authors would like to thank the Danish Environmental Assistance to Eastern Europe (DANCEE), who has sponsored the project, EERC technicians for assistance in sampling, the Plant Managers and the staff at both Eesti and Balti Power Plants, for cooperation and support during the sampling.
Danish Cooperation for Environment in Eastern Europe (DANCEE) sponsored the project: "Dioxin emission from oil shale-fired power plants in Estonia" and dk-TEKNIK ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT was responsible for the measurements, which where conducted in cooperation with the Estonian Environmental Research Centre [11].