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DANDYDevelopment and Assessment of Nicotine Dependence in Youth
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Hello, Ishikola, you blooming old blighter," was Van Horn's greeting to the old chief, as the dandy, with a pry of his steering- paddle against the side of the canoe and part under its bottom, brought the dug-out broadside-on to the Arangi so that the sides of both crafts touched.
The dandy, in the stern, with a careless look upward, tried with his foot to shove over the green leaves so as to cover the out-jutting butts of several rifles, but made the matter worse by exposing them more fully.
The paddlers, without command from chief or dandy, involuntarily obeyed, and with deep, strong strokes sent the canoe into the encircling darkness.
Albert Barnes, The Dandy editor, sent me a script for the front page of The Dandy.
Cookie's not keen on most human food unless it's meat, fish or cheese, but Dandy will give anything a try.
Dandy Walker variant with treatment-resistant bipolar disorder.
John Egan @johnegan1968 Dandy Nicholls, gentlemen, good friend and a wonderful trainer.
Even more so when Jack's daughter Barbara - Dandy Kim's ex - revealed how he had blackmailed her into giving him the keys.
To create the futuristic store, the Dandy Lab worked with Cisco to implement a number of IoT technologies.
Mr Dandy said if the truck hadn't been there, the car would have gone straight through the wall and into a tree or another car.
In the final moments of episode 12, Dandy arrived to tell Eva and Paul that Elsa has gone to follow her dreams and that he is now the new owner of the freak show.
CONCLUSION: Dandy Walker Malformation is a condition which can be effectively diagnosed by imaging modalities, especially in antenatal period with a proper antenatal checkup and sonography.