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DANIDepartment of Agriculture Northern Ireland
DANIDeaf Association Northern Ireland (UK)
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The discretionary spending on IT in Europe is largely on hold, Dani said.
Pan fo Brandon yn dweud wrth Garry ei fod yn bwriadu gofyn i Dani ei briodi, mae Garry yn gwneud y peth cynta' ddaw i'w feddwl i roi stop ar hyn ac yn cyfaddef y cyfan.
To add to their woe, the Telegraph understands, Terry's family was initially told that it was Dani who'd died in the tragic accident.
I also have three sons, so Dani will have three doting uncles.
Dani was told the BBC wouldn't be renewing her contract for the Saturday Show - which replaced the long- running Live and Kicking - last month.
So I said to them, 'If I do the show then I'll be talking to the kids like I talk to adults, '" Dani added.
5): Scr Sonic Flight, +1 Rapid Ranger, +4 Castlelyons Dani, +4.
Give one example of how ancient culture and the modern world mix in the Dani culture.
Dani revealed that despite her age she still risks being grounded by her dad and mum Joanne Mas, both 39.
Physiotherapist and model Dani also shared a picture from Matthew Williamson's new bridal hall.
Mae pethau wedi bod yn ddigon stormus rhwng Dani (dde) a'i chariad Barry ers tro bellach.
Most recently, Dani was senior vice president of corporate development for TeleTech Holdings, Inc.