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DANIDADanish International Development Agency
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They are a source of saline water and their pumping systems collapse easily, making it costly to maintain them," says Nielsen-Petersen, 85, who came to Kenya in early 1970s, when one of the country's biggest concerns was trypanosomiasis.The water engineer was to take part in a campaign to check the spread of the dreaded livestock disease, which entailed rolling out cattle dips in livestock production zones across the country in a project undertaken by Danish development agency, Danida.
The future agreement will encourage new Danish investments to be injected in Egypt, especially in the small and medium-sized enterprises' (SMEs) sector, the ambassador added, explaining that Danida is the brand name of the Danish Foreign Affairs Ministry development projects.
Ms Bente Schiller said that Danish government through Danida Business Finance was conducting a feasibility study prior to financing a large scale waste water treatment plant with the newest Danish technology.
This project is funded by a development programme run by DANIDA. The programme aims to increase the knowledge about integration of renewable energy sources to existing the power systems.
DANIDA also supported the 4th batch of the Youth Parliament in 2012.
AGF is currently owned by the government of Denmark through Danida, the government of Spain through Aecid and the African Development Bank.
"We can do nothing without water," he said, as Oxfam partner Union of Agriculture Workers' Committees (UAWC) was visiting his farm as part of a beneficiary selection process for a new economic development project funded by the Danish government's development agency DANIDA.
Has handled brands Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda and consulted for institutions like DANIDA, USAID, GSMF, Standard Chartered, Shell and Family Health.
Funding has been provided by the World Bank and the Danish International Development Agency (Danida).
Africa Center for Art Creativity and Cultural Exchange, DR, WDR, Arte, YLE Co-Prods., MRK, ERT, TG4, Duna TV, VPRO, Yes Docu, with the support of the Danish Film Institute, Michael Haslund Christensen, Danida, Media, Undervisningsministeriets Tips & Lottomidler.
Apart from Danida support, Formula and ALTA will invest about DKK 1.5 million into the JV that will create 27 jobs for production and the sales office and is expected to have a turnover of about DKK 10 million in the first three years.
KAMPALA -- Danish International Development Agency (Danida) will make an $8 million interest-free loan to smallholder tea growers in Uganda to purchase tea-processing machines.