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DANLDisplayed Average Noise Level (amplification)
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Furthermore, the standard noise floor extension feature in the UXA can further improve the DANL performance to -171 dBm (1 Hz).
Providing field technicians and engineers with performance that rivals a benchtop spectrum analyzer, the MS2720T features a touchscreen, full-band tracking generators to 20 GHz, and best-in-class performance for dynamic range, DANL, phase noise, and sweep speed, providing unprecedented levels of spectrum monitoring, hidden signal detection, RF/microwave measurements, and testing of microwave backhauls and cellular signals.
5 GHz; quick measurement of spurs and harmonics due to the CXA's speed and DANL performance; and an upgradable CPU module.
The RSA5000 instruments also supply +17 dBm TOI and -154 dBm/Hz DANL at 1 GHz along with low-frequency performance with phase noise of -131 dBc/Hz at 10-kHz offset and -150-dBm DANL at a 10-MHz carrier frequency.
The MS2712E/MS2713E Spectrum Masters, also covering the 100-kHz to 6-GHz frequency, have dynamic range of >95 dB in 10 Hz RBW, DANL of-152 dBm in 10 Hz RBW, and phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz max @ 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz.
This model and the MS2723B deliver a DANL of -156 dBm at 1 GHz with the preamplifier on and -139 dBm with it off.
According to Aart Konynenberg, the company's MMD marketing manager, the MS2721A features a low -153-dBm DANL, which means that low-level signals don't get lost in the noise floor.