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"He's a good little boy, Danny, take it from me," Roberts defended.
"You'll have to take 'm on, Danny. It is the best we can do."
Danny ran another careless and unflattering glance over Rivera and sighed.
"Oh, I'll be careful all right, all right," Danny smiled.
"Then let's get down to biz." Danny paused and calculated.
You and Danny split, twenty per cent goin' to you, an' eighty to Danny.
"Oh, maybe five thousand, maybe as high as eight thousand," Danny broke in to explain.
"It's like candy from a baby," Danny's manager proclaimed.
"You think for a second you can lick me?" Danny blurted in.
"You couldn't win from me in a thousand years," Danny assured him.
"I will, so help me!" Danny cried with abrupt conviction.
Kelly's secretary had begun to write, when Danny interrupted.