DANRDivision of Agriculture and Natural Resources
DANRDominican American National Roundtable
DANRDivision of Agricultural and Natural Resources
DANRDepartment of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Philippines)
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Daniel Roessler has over 20 years of experience with control system migrations and is the principal consultant for DANR Consulting.
03), has a relatively high clay content (% sand: % silt: % clay = 33:36:31; hydrometer method, DANR Analytical Laboratory, UC Davis, Davis, California), and is nutrient poor (total N = 1.
The DANR is a non-profit organization that advocates for Dominican and Latino political and social empowerment.
50 copy of publication number 21577, call DANR publications at (800) 994-8849.
The handbook - DANR Publication 3386 - is available for $35 soft-bound or $50 hard-bound from U.