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DANSDubai Air Navigation Services (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
DANSData Archiving and Networked Services (The Hague, Netherlands)
DANSDisciplinary Associations Network for Sustainability
DANSDisabilities and Additional Needs Service (educational support)
DANSDistributed Access Node System
DANSDirectory and Name Service
DANSDenied Area Navigation System
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Dan answered not at all, but crept on tip-toe, with long strides, to the mess-room, the men following.
The Mut'ny, think o' that; the Mut'ny an' some dirty little matters in Afghanistan; an' for that an' these an' those" - Dan pointed to the names of glorious battles - "that Yankee man with the partin' in his hair comes an' says as easy as 'have a drink' .
The conspirators, led by Dan Grady and Horse Egan, poured in daily.
His persistent demands would have ended, at Dan's instigation, in a regimental belting which in all probability would have killed him and cut off the supply of beer, had not he been sent on special duty some fifty miles away from the Cantonment to cool his heels in a mud fort and dismount obsolete artillery.
"Well, that's an argument," admitted Dan. "The less work you can get along with the better, in my opinion.
"I don't believe THAT," rejoined Dan. "I'm like the Irishman who said he wished the man who begun work had stayed and finished it."
"Of course we'll have one," I said, "and Dan will edit it."
Between the marsh and the mountains which wall the valley is a respectable strip of fertile land; at the end of the valley, toward Dan, as much as half the land is solid and fertile, and watered by Jordan's sources.
Jabin, King of Hazor, (up yonder above Dan,) called all the sheiks about him together, with their hosts, to make ready for Israel's terrible General who was approaching.
Dan sniggered, and threw Harvey his warped bicycle shoes.
Harvey heard a chuckle from Dan, who was pretending to be busy by the stump-foremast, and the blood rushed to his face.
Keep your eyes open, an' help Dan to do ez he's bid, an' sechlike, an' I'll give you - you ain't wuth it, but I'll give - ten an' a ha'af a month; say thirty-five at the end o' the trip.