DANSSDistributed Algorithms Networking and Secure Systems (Hebrew University; Israel)
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In this experiment, the results of DNA electrophoresis, H&E, and immunofluorescence staining indicated that the degree of decellularization and the integrity of the basement membrane were comparable for the dANSs prepared by us and the hANSs [16].
Subsequently, the effects of the dANSs and hANSs on neural repair were compared based on 3 aspects: immunological rejection, neurological functional recovery, and morphology after transplantation.
We attributed the difference in NF-200 staining between the hANSs and dANSs to a decrease in myelin residue, which may have led to a decline in the local inflammatory reaction and an improved local microenvironment, ultimately enhancing the regeneration of axons in the dANS group, which showed regeneration along the clean basement membrane.
Furthermore, this new method, which used different detergents to produce dANSs derived from SD rats, was evaluated using a SD rat sciatic nerve defect model.
After H&E staining, cell nuclei were visible in (a) native sciatic nerve tissue but not in (b) hANSs or (c) dANSs. (d) Gel electrophoresis showed that the residual DNA fragments did not exceed 200 bp in hANSs or dANSs.