DAOADesert Aire Owners Association (Washington)
DAOADenrées Alimentaires d'Origines Animales (French: Foodstuffs of Animal Origin)
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In this paper, a dAoA based 2D localization method has been demonstrated using FM radio signals as SOP.
The measured phase difference is then utilized to calculate the AoAs, dAoAs, and 2D position estimate.
Caption: Figure 1: dAoAs between transmitter pairs.
The DAOA transcribed 2 different transcripts that form four isoforms collectively as DAOA-82, DAOA-125, DAOA-126, and DAOA-153.
The ENSEMBL (http://asia.ensembl .org/index.html) and UCSC (https://genome.ucsc.edu/) Genome browsers were utilized for sequence analyses of primates, rodents, birds, and reptiles and for generating the synteny of DAOA. MEGA5 [30] tool was used for constructing the phylogenetic trees and bootstrap values were also calculated and analyzed.
The amino acid sequences of DAOA isoforms were retrieved from Uniprot KB (http://www.uniprot.org/) and were subjected to BLASTp for the identifications of suitable templates against Protein Data Bank (PDB) [31].
STITCH4 (Search Tool for InTeracting CHemicals) [57] and STRING 10 (Search Tool for the Retrieval of INteracting Genes/Proteins) [58] were employed to analyze the functional partners of DAOA isoforms.
DAOA, the SZ-related protein, plays significant role in the regulation of DAO in great apes and SZ associated with overexpression of DAOA and DAO.
Examination of extensive literature and biological database entries revealed numerous interesting sequence information of DAOA. Protein sequence data sets for enormous range of invertebrates and vertebrates genomes are available for analyzing the protein sequence analyses of DAOA.
The DAOA located on chromosome 13 in humans and gene desert was observed in upstream and downstream regions of DAOA (Figure 1).
The phylogenetic tree constructed by neighbor-joining (NJ) method (Figure 3) revealed the lineage of DAOA and absence in rodents, birds, and reptiles.
The 3D structures of DAOA isoforms were not reported yet by X-ray crystallography and NMR techniques.