DAOCDark Age of Camelot (computer game by Mythic Entertainment)
DAOCDark Age of Camelot (game)
DAOCDistributed Air Operations Center
DAOCDeployable Air Operations Center
DAOCDark Angels of Chaos (World of Warcraft)
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Dubai: A group of aspiring stand-up comedians have come together under the banner of Dubai Ambassadors of Comedy (DAoC) to ensure there are no misgivings about their art.
Comedian George Sa'ad, a student of American University of Dubai and one of the members of DAoC, says that his art is only just catching up in Dubai due to a number of reasons.
Director of Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification (1995), Report of the Director of Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification, DAOC, Fredericton, New Brunswick.