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DAP3Death Associated Protein 3
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Using DAVID, we found that hypermethylated genes in ESC cells are mostly enriched with the regulation of cell cycle (FZR1, E2F5, BOP1, TRRAP, CDK4, JUNB, etc.), cell death (SIVA1, MCL1, YPEL3, ARF6, UBQLN1, SHF, CIAPIN1, APLP1, GPX1, CASP3, etc.), and mRNA metabolic process (SCAF1, FIP1L1, STRAP, RBM15B, CWC15, XAB2, YBX1, AUH, SF3B2, APLP1, HNRNPL, etc.); the hypomethylated genes are enriched with functions related to ATP synthesis (ATP6V1F, ATP6V1C1, ATP6V0C, ATP6V1A, ATP6V0E, ATP6V1E1, ATP5C1, etc.) and mitochondrial ribosome (MRPL15, MRPL27, MRPL16, MRPL36, MRPL39, MRPL34, DAP3, etc.) (Excel Sheet S2).
En cada cuadrante se mide la distancia y el DAP3 del i?1/2rbol mi?1/2s cercano al centro, y se toman en cuenta solo cuatro i?1/2rboles (Mostacedo & Fredericksen, 2000; Humano, 2013; Walsh & Repsol, s.f).
Ji et al., "Death-associated protein-3, DAP3, correlates with preoperative chemotherapy effectiveness and prognosis of gastric cancer patients following perioperative chemotherapy and radical gastrectomy," British Journal of Cancer, vol.