DAPACDowntown Area Plan Advisory Committee (Berkeley, CA)
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The parameter [C.sup.CT.sub.i] was the same for DAPA and DAPAC ([C.sup.CT.sub.1] = 20.73, [C.sup.CT.sub.2] = 121).
We note that the parameter [xi] used for compressive modulus predictions of DAPAC is slightly different from the one used for the storage modulus estimations.
7 and 8) was applied to model the compressive yield behavior of DAPA and DAPAC composites.
Figures 7-9 show the comparisons of model predicted true equivalent stress-true equivalent strain curves at various, cellulose contents, strain rates and temperatures, and the corresponding experimental results for DAPA and DAPAC, respectively.
In order to investigate the dynamic behavior of DAPA and DAPAC, the materials were analyzed by DMA and SHPB, respectively.