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DAPCDrug Abuse Prevention Center (various organizations)
DAPCDivision of Air Pollution Control
DAPCDystrophin-Associated Protein Complex
DAPCDayton Avenue Presbyterian Church (Saint Paul, MN)
DAPCDeputy Assistant Principal Chaplain
DAPCDrug Abuse Prevention and Control Week (Philippines)
DAPCDynamic Annular Pressure Control (trademark of At Balance)
DAPCDrôme Ardèche Prévention Cancers (French cancer prevention group)
DAPCData Acquisition and Process Control
DAPCDevon Association of Parish Councils (UK)
DAPCDistribution Acier Pointe-Claire (French: Pointe-Claire Steel Distribution; Pointe-Claire, Canada)
DAPCDiabetes Association of Pierce County (Tacoma, WA)
DAPCDirect Accessories & Parts Center (Sony)
DAPCDepartment of Air Pollution Control
DAPCDual Action Porter Cable
DAPCDynamic Amplifier Power Control (Ciena)
DAPCDétection d'Anomalie Pondérale en Continu (French industrial scale)
DAPCDepartment of Abnormal Phenomenae Containment (manga)
DAPCDouble a Point Collection (customer loyalty program)
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DAPC, which attempts to group individuals using a k-means clustering algorithm, suggests that the entire metapopulation of P.
Calculated with adegenet, the DAPC resulted in K = 2, Densities of individuals were plotted for varying discriminant functions, resulting in two clusters (Fig.
Pairwise genetic differentiation and significance ([F.sub.ST], [34]) between genetic groups, as revealed by membership assignation using the DAPC method, was estimated using 100,000 permutations with the GENEPOP program [35], and the unrooted [F.sub.ST] was plotted using the POPTREE2 program [36], with 999 bootstrap replicates with the Neighbor-joining method.
We used DAPC to visualize genetic structure among baseline sampling locations, the results of which clearly resolved four genetic clusters (Fig.
The DAPC analysis with assumed K = 4 also indicated the same result with STRUCTURE result (K = 4).
Nessas plantas, a colheita dos frutos permitiu o incremento no comprimento dos ramos de 68% ao longo de 60 dias (24,7 cm em media 30 DAC vs 41,6 cm em media 60 DapC) (Figura 1).
The changes in intima media thickness in response to cilostazol are currently the subject of DAPC (Diabetic Atherosclerosis Prevention by Cilostazol) study.
The parameters of proposed data-driven adaptive predictive control (DAPC) method were tuned as N = 4000, t = 1s, p = f = 10, Q = [I.sub.30], and R = 0.1 * [I.sub.30].
aminoterminal domain, Central - rod domain, Cysteine - rich domain, and the Carboxy - terminal domain.1,2 This DAPC is composed of many important proteins like dystroglycan (a, b, g and d sub-units), syntrophin, dystrobrevin and caveolin etc.1,3 Dystrophin and the DAPC are thought to play a very crucial role in maintenance of the integrity and normal functioning of skeletal muscle membrane during cycles of contraction and relaxation.4,5 According to researchers full protection against contraction generated stress requires proper functioning of dystrophin as well as DAPC.4,5 When there is a genetic absence of any of these proteins the muscle fibers become prone to tearing during contraction and the affected person develops one of the many forms of muscular dystro- phies.6,7