DAPCDirect Accessories & Parts Center (Sony)
DAPCDepartment of Air Pollution Control
DAPCDual Action Porter Cable
DAPCDynamic Amplifier Power Control (Ciena)
DAPCDouble a Point Collection (customer loyalty program)
DAPCDepartment of Abnormal Phenomenae Containment (manga)
DAPCDivision of Air Pollution Control
DAPCDystrophin-Associated Protein Complex
DAPCDevon Association of Parish Councils (UK)
DAPCDrôme Ardèche Prévention Cancers (French cancer prevention group)
DAPCDistribution Acier Pointe-Claire (French: Pointe-Claire Steel Distribution; Pointe-Claire, Canada)
DAPCDétection d'Anomalie Pondérale en Continu (French industrial scale)
DAPCData Acquisition and Process Control
DAPCDayton Avenue Presbyterian Church (Saint Paul, MN)
DAPCDiabetes Association of Pierce County (Tacoma, WA)
DAPCDynamic Annular Pressure Control (trademark of At Balance)
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For both the complete data set and the SC-GA data set, the DAPC did not cluster individuals very well by their host species (Fig.
Abbreviations: AFLP, amplified fragment length polymorphism; AMOVA, analysis of molecular variance; BIC, Bayesian information criterion; COI, cytochrome oxidase subunit I: DAPC.
agencies, they have united to drumbeat the observance of the DAPC all over the National Capital Region.
We used DAPC to visualize genetic structure among baseline sampling locations, the results of which clearly resolved four genetic clusters (Fig.
Additionally Bayesian clustering and DAPC analyses clearly highlight the divergence of the LAKE-A and LAKE-B samples from known anadromous or coastal samples.
The DAPC analysis with assumed K = 4 also indicated the same result with STRUCTURE result (K = 4).
Variables del modelo (Costos en miles de pesos) Variable Valor Min Max Fuente Costo acceso DP 768 576 960 17 Costo acceso HD 828 621 1,035 17 Costo anual DPA 32,196 24,147 40,245 17 Costo anual 31,136 23,352 38,920 17 DAPC Costo anual HD 31,986 23,989.
The synthesis and purification of DAPC was as follows: Glycerophosphatidylcholine (12 g) was dissolved with 120 mL of acetic anhydride and allowed to stand at 80[degrees]C for 4 h.
The retention of multiple PCAs can then be analyzed by DAPC for group variability while avoiding within-group variation (Jombart et al.
The scree test (scree plot) as part of the DAPC analysis and Kaiser's criterion (eigenvalues > 1) were used to determine the number of principal components best describing our dataset.
1] 15 DAPC foi superior aquela dos demais tratamentos com AVG na ultima data de avaliacao, em 25-03 (Tabela 4).