DAPDDaytime Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
DAPDDual Alkali FGD Process Demonstration
DAPDDistributed and Parallel Databases (journal)
DAPDDepartmental Acquisition and Procurement Division (South Africa)
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Founded in September 2010 after a merge of former West Germany news agency DDP and the German branch of American news agency Associated Press, DAPD had been trying to strengthen its position in the competitive German market of news agencies, which includes Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA), French Agence France Presse (AFP) and the group of Thomson Reuters.
A/DPA and DAPD performed the best of the non-synergized commercial systems.
He named four: T-20, tipranovir (a new kind of protease inhibitor), DAPD, and tenofovir.
Clinical data on treatment experienced patients showed DAPD producing a maximum median decline in viral load of 1.
DAPD ddp media holding AG is a news agency group, which supplies around 700 clients with current texts and images.
The German Foreign Office told news agency DAPD that six-year-old Lydia Hentschel and Anna, who is four, had arrived at Dresden airport yesterday.
ATI's DAPD technology has specifications that are comparable to or better than photomultiplier vacuum tube devices.
Also known as DAPD, amdoxovir is an investigational guanosine nucleoside analogue currently in Phase II development for the treatment of HIV.
issued a press release announcing the preliminary results of a Phase I/II trial in which DAPD produced impressive decreases in the viral loads of a cohort of five HIV-infected patients who were failing their antiviral drug regimens.
The increase in 2000 operating expenses, compared to 1999, is primarily the result of increased expenses associated with more extensive development activities on the Company's drug candidates, especially with two of its lead candidates, Coviracil(R) and DAPD.