DAPDNADigital Application Processor/Distributed Network Architecture
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Tata Elxsi, one of the largest product design and embedded services firms in the world, servicing customers in a wide range of industries, joins the DAPDNA Partner Program along with 15 other partners that are already part of the program.
The IPFlex DAPDNA technology enables our signal processing system designers to better implement complex and sophisticated algorithms for areas such as high-end signal and image processing, software defined radio and high-performance re-configurable computing, providing a compelling proposition for our global customers in the video, imaging, consumer electronics, wired and wireless infrastructure space, for compact, high performance system development," said Nitin Pai, Worldwide Head of Marketing for Product Design Services.
Koichi Hagishima, CEO of IPFlex commented, "More than five customers have started operating systems powered by DAPDNA technology.
About the DAPDNA Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor
The goal of the DAPDNA Partner program is for IPFlex and program members to offer unprecedented value to customers in various application areas by leveraging DAPDNA architecture.
The company's DAPDNA technology enables systems described in software languages, such as C, to be implemented in silicon devices with performance equivalent to custom-designed chips, with a combination of its FW II design tool and the DAPDNA-2 dynamically reconfigurable processor.