DAPDNADigital Application Processor/Distributed Network Architecture
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Koichi Hagishima, CEO of IPFlex commented, "More than five customers have started operating systems powered by DAPDNA technology.
IPFlex plans to aggressively increase the number of Program partners in order to support the growing demand for DAPDNA technology.
With its DAPDNA Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor and DAPDNA Integrated Development Environment, based on the Software to Silicon (R) concept, IPFlex provides tools to shorten development cycles, increase product functionality, and swiftly support application modification.
* IPFlex, DAPDNA, and Software-to-Silicon are registered trademarks of IPFlex in Japan.
About the DAPDNA Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor
DAPDNA dynamically reconfigurable processor can change its hardware configuration to provide the optimal circuitry for an application on demand.