DAPEDevelopmental Adapted Physical Education
DAPEDisability Awareness Public Education (campaign; Singapore)
DAPEDelaware Association of Professional Engineers
DAPEDispositif d'Aide Personnalisée aux Élèves (French: Customized Mechanism to Help Students)
DAPEDistributed Application Programming Environment
DAPEDays After Panicle Emergence
DAPEDynamic Assessment Planning Execution
DAPEDirect, Associative and Propositional Processes in Evaluation
DAPEData-Aided Parameter Estimation
DAPEDominica Association of Professional Engineers
DAPEDallas Association of Parent Education (Texas)
DAPEDossier d'Aptitude à la Poursuite de l'Exploitation (French: Record of Ability to Continue Operations; nuclear power industry)
DAPEDeny All Permit Exception (security model)
DAPEData Audit & Policy Enforcement
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References in classic literature ?
"Nec bella fuerunt, Faginus astabat dum scyphus ante dapes." "Nor wars did men molest, When only beechen bowls were in request."
The walk had made them hungry, Angel in particular, who was now an outdoor man, accustomed to the profuse DAPES INEMPTAE of the dairyman's somewhat coarsely-laden table.
(5) Daniel Campi y Patricia Juarez Dape, "Despegue y auge azucarero en Peru y Argentina: semejanzas y contrastes", Illei i Imperi, 9, (2006): 100.
Synthesis of Ligand (L) 1, 2-di (4-aminophenyloxy)ethylene (DAPE) (0.122g, 0.5 mmol) was dissolved in 20ml dried ethanol, at heating and continuous stirring in a 250ml round bottom flask fitted with a condenser, gas inlet, magnetic stirrer and hot plate.
For the determination of molecular weights, the polymer DAPE 6 derived from CPE 3 and PZ 9 were analyzed using an aqueous solution of 0.1 N NaNO3 as the eluant.
The nucleus, stained in blue with DAPE, appears to be totally free of NPs as shown by time gated detection.
Forty-two adult subjects (control group) were selected: 20 men and 22 women, aged 21 to 40 years (30 [+ or -] 4 years), from the Occlusion and Orofacial Service DAPE. The exclusion criteria were as follows: the absence of posterior occlusal stability and the use of medication that may interfere with muscular activities.
O potencial matrico do solo na profundidade de 20 cm apresentou grandes variacoes, os tratamentos E21-L0 e E21L50 atingiram -48 kPa e de -37 kPa, aos 93 e aos 96 DAP, respectivamente, ao passo que E13-L0, E21-L50 e E5-L50 alcancaram -79,5 kPa aos 97 DAP, -35,53 kPa aos 104 DAPe de -20,89 kPa aos 102 DAP; esses valores seguiram as tendencias esperadas para os tratamentos de deficit regulado de irrigacao aplicado ao parreiral, embora nao se tenha observado valores altamente negativos para o tratamento E21-L0, por falhas ocorridas nos tensiometros a partir dos 94 DAP, correspondente ao oitavo dia de suspensao da irrigacao.
We are in the process of applying a DAPE (Deny All, Permit by Exception) configuration to the network in the CONUS Theater.
NEW JERSEY outfit Little-T & One Track Mike release Wings, the first single from debut album Fome Is Dape, on January 7.