DAPHDevon Association of Primary Heads (UK)
DAPhDutch Architectural Photographers (Netherlands)
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Non-allocation of money to the DAPH for dog sterilizations contravenes a cabinet decision.
KACPAW has reliable results accepted by the authorities that show significant reductions of dog populations which can be sustained within about 2 to 3 years of intensive dog sterilizations, which is what the DAPH can and will do if they are allocated the money.
The officials who seem to be stalling money being allocated to the DAPH are clearly violating a cabinet decision personally endorsed as recently as 2016 by the President himself to get the DAPH veterinarians to conduct island-wide sterilizations.
So, over to you Sir, HE the President, to please have this impasse investigated and rectified so that money for dog sterilizations is released to the DAPH (Department of Animal Production and Health) for them to begin the work in 2018.
In the second stage, the survey was reviewed with several field veterinarians and government employees within the DAPH to ensure that it was applicable to veterinary practice in Sri Lanka.
Because the DAPH was made aware of the cases shortly after they were identified by the field veterinarian, it was able to confirm that the field veterinarian obtained tissue samples for diagnostic testing.
A major challenge in the implementation of the IDSAS was drawing the distinction between the IDSAS as a research project and the national animal disease reporting system of the DAPH.
At this time, the DAPH has decided to incorporate the IDSAS into its ongoing disease surveillance efforts, and the system is being run on 2 parallel servers, 1 at the DAPH and the original server that hosts the IDSAS.
The data obtained from the IDSAS offers DAPH stakeholders and field veterinarians a new perspective on disease within the animal population and creates new opportunities for dialogue and mutual understanding.
Another of the female gender to make a big impression was Daphs Babe - sent off the 2-1 favourite - in winning heat three.
Second semi: 1 Daphs Babe, 2 Dumbarton Cross (m), 3 Cuba (m), 4 Special Treat (w), 5 No Can Waltz (w), 6 Sheriff Bow Wow (w)
nChandler bets: 9-2 No Can Waltz, 5 Kinda Sleepy, 6 Cuba, Dunbarton Cross, Soviet Gypsy, 10 Ace Honcho, Rapid Best, 12 Alibulk Lad, 16 Dens Hero, 20 Ballyhoe Cyclone, Erinaceous Flyer, I Can Wait, Killahara King, Public Demand, Special Treat, 33 Castleand Pride, Take Me Home, 40 Bobayaro, Sheriff Bow Wow, Tom Smart, 50 Countrywide Mean, Daphs Babe, Illinois Inferno, Jungle Moon, Lughill Katie, 66 Broadland Patsy, Farloe Breeze, 100 bar