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DAppDecentralized Application
DAppDermatite par Allergie aux Piqûres de Puces (French: Dermatitis by Allergy to Flea Bites)
DAppDevelopment Aid from People to People
DAppDivision Académique des Pensions et des Prestations (French: Academic Division of Pensions and Benefits)
DAppDepartamento de Avaliação Prospectiva e Planeamento (Ministério da Educação, Portugal)
DAppDimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology
DAppData Acquisition and Processing Program (later DMSP)
DAppDistemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (veterinary medicine)
DAppDual A Posteriori Probability
DAppDefense Acquisition Pilot Program
DAppApplied Dose
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For DApp developers, the Infinito team provides a development platform to help you create DApps easier and faster.
DAPP was shown to increase antioxidant activity, including cell protection from oxidative damage in vitro.
The frequencies distributions of the DAPP and their abbreviated forms are normal, but for the Conduct Problems and Self-Harm scales.
A variavel resposta avaliada foi o numero de insetos sobreviventes (ninfas e adultos) por folha trifoliolada, realizada 24 horas apos a primeira aplicacao, e aos tres, cinco, sete, dez e 15 DAPP. No momento das avaliacoes, tambem foi realizada a contagem de ninfas, estimando-se a fecundidade das femeas.
The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has been a regular partner of UIPS since DAPP's inception in 2009.
The objective of this study was to assess the effect of litter inputs and the size, [sup.15]N content, and decomposition rate of the organic N pools on Dapp. Dapp was estimated from an incubation experiment using soils with different root litter inputs which affected the total organic N, labile organic N, and total [sup.15]N content.
The plant, capable of powering nearly 4,000 residential homes, constitutes a 50 percent increase in the Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa power generation capacity and meets all current and near future needs, explained Dapp. In total, six 1,200-kilowatt power plants and two 5-mega volt amp substations will be tied into the camp power grid.
Peter Maskell, Laurie Harding, Alan Percival and John Wood; Richard Bray, Paul Rivers, Dean Hall and Dale Jones; Ray Pickford, David Myers and Nick Hodgson; Andrew Roache, Stephen Webb and Richard Ault; Jane Dapp, Paul Jennings, Lucy Taylor, Tina O'Reilly, Daniel Wilkinson
Yu Tian Tang 's ability to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology of the modern era, such as the Internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), DAPP blockchain decentralized applications, Big Data analytics and processing into the traditional geomancy industry has given the company a competitive edge in an era where Big Data is the key to success.
Ally - the first dApp built on the Skrumble Network public chain (PoA-Proof of Authority) and the first dApp of its kind, a multi-purpose social media application that empowers users to communicate freely, anonymously and securely, successfully launched and now has over 150,000 users in just a few months.