DAPPSDecennial Applicant Personnel and Payroll System (census)
DAPPSDMA Automated Publication Production System
DAPPSDated Achievable Personal Positive Specific (qualities of an effective goal)
DAPPSMobile Games Developers, Aggregators, Publishers and Portals (Mobile Games)
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This allows global users of Infinito Wallet to access, in total, 14 blockchains and their decentralized assets, along with some of the most-demanded gaming DApps on the market.
CPUcoin provides a distributed system for delivering services that power DApps (Decentralized Applications) for both consumers and enterprise-class users.
These Blockchain-as-a-service products will enable small businesses, large corporates, and governments to leverage the power and potential of blockchain technology, while simply subscribing to these dapps based on their usage.
Asia, on the other hand, is producing an ample of innovative dApps most of them revolving around social media, casino, games, finance, wallets, storage, identity, insurance, etc.
Currently, App Square supports DApps built on Ethereum blockchain.
LINE's plans include launching more dApps - TAPAS (food reviews), Pasha (product reviews) and STEP (location reviews) - that would expand the ways users can use and earn LINK.
to create a development environment, build decentralized applications (dApp)
MetaX and adToken (ADT), have brought the existing IAB Tech Lab ads.txt utility to the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in Ads.txt Plus, one of the first open source decentralized applications (DApps) for digital advertising.
In effort to overcome these limits, our group has developed sterically demanding, electron rich water-soluble phosphines, such as DAPPS (3-(diadamantylphosphonium) propane sulfonate and DTBPPS (3-(di-tert-butylphosphonium)propane sulfonate.
At a conference held at Everton Football Club yesterday, Mary Johnson, manager of the Drugs Alcohol Awareness in Pregnancy and Parenting Service (DAPPS), said: "We carried out a project with social services in Liverpool and found that a very high number of children were on the register because their parents were involved in substance abuse.
Dapps was derived from the cross 'Kitt'/'Amidon'//'Grandin'/'Stoa' sib.