DAPUData Acquisition and Processing Unit
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Operating expense and cost analysis of Dapu Xinchengji Industry Co.
Industrial intermediate inputs and cash flow analysis of Dapu Xinchengji Industry Co.
Balance sheet analysis of Dapu Xinchengji Industry Co.
General information about Dapu Xinchengji Industry Co.
His teacher Xu Yuanbai (1892-1957) taught Yao to develop his own interpretations of the scores (using the dapu process) before hearing his teacher play.
This edition can help guqin students to learn the dapu process by illustrating the range of variation in one master's performance.
Yung's materials also give us an excellent opportunity to compare Yao's dapu interpretation of the old tablatures with those of other modern masters.
Celestial Airs of Antiquity is the result of a laborious and difficult process of tablature interpretation, called dapu (ta p'u), by one of the most distinguished performers of the generation that initiated the revival of the ancient pieces in the 1950s.
4] emissions and grain yields in a rice field experiment at Dapu, China Mean [+ or -] standard deviation.
and RMB180 million into Dapu Xinchengji Industry & Trade Co.
Brigadier Malik Tahir Jameel told that relief goods were being sent to Chajro, Dhali, Islam Kot, Dapu and Nagar Parker areas of Tharparker.