DAQSDisney Approach to Quality Service (Walt Disney Company)
DAQSData Analysis Query System (Dept of the Army)
DAQSDelay Analysts, Quantity Surveyors (UK)
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The successor of the popular 34970A/34972A DAQs, the Keysight DAQ970A comes with advanced built-in 6 Vi digits digital multimeter that enables users to measure with confidence, in terms of its accuracy.
What specific applications are vendors' DAQs being used for?
Pederson, B&K Precision: "Our DAQs are used in a wide range of applications from power generation, manufacturing, and transportation, to name a few."
VTI Technologies embarked on a major expansion of its DAQ lineup in February, according to Anirudh Narayanan, lead applications engineer.
The EMX series, he said, is a part of VTI's SentineIEX family of DAQ solutions, which also includes the EX 1629 for bridge and voltage measurements; the EX 1 Oxx for temperature, voltage, and general-purpose DAQ applications; and the EX 1200 scanning DAQ platform.
For example, the job of monitoring the multiple components of an automotive chassis--namely the brakes, steering, and suspension systems--requires a suite of instrumentation reading data from dozens of accelerometers and transducers fed into an equally large number of DAQ channels, all operating on a seconds timescale.
A simple survey of measuring engine temperature, for example, is currently handled by more than 200 thermocouple wires fed into 200 channels of a DAQ board.
Building a DAQ system can be a daunting task if not approached correctly.
Building a DAQ system starts with system specification.
Every PC-based DAQ system has driver software and most have application software.
Microsoft's Windows 3.1 and Visual Basic programming language have become the de facto tools that most new PC-based DAQ systems now operate under, according to Leslie Logan, a product manager at Keithley Data Acquisition, Tauton, MA.