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DARDDepartment of Agriculture and Rural Development (UK)
DardDardic (linguistics)
DARDDynamic Axial Resistance Device (fitness product)
DARDDivision for the Application of Research Discoveries (US DHHS)
DARDDefense Accountability, Reutilization and Disposal Program (US DoD Joint Equipment Assessment Program)
DARDDynamic Axial Rotational Device
DARDDroit au Respect et à la Dignité (French: Right to Respect and Dignity; political association)
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The objectives of this component are to improve the M&E procedures and strengthen human capacity at MARD and selected DARDs to use the upgraded M&E system.
Lyttle explained: "The money in the HRF is meant for specific projects that have to be approved by Dard first.
Following the court appearance, DARD inspectors conducted further welfare inspections under warrant.
De manera muy sugestiva, Dard traza una linea que pondria a Valois en consonancia con otros disidentes (p.
LEFT: a Dard Shin girl in Chakwali village, the farthest point along the Kishengana River that travellers are allowed to visit.
Investigations are underway by official feed inspectors and DARD will consider taking actions pending the outcome.
According to the DARD report, released to The Grocer under the Freedom of Information Act, the company admitted selling mutton as lamb while also noting Dunbia had changed its account during the probe.
DARD said 68,113 animals had been checked - and tested negative - for BSE since the new rules came into force.
Complementing this by Invest NI, DARD is supporting the industry through a range of initiatives which focuses on market research and education.
The Trust also wrote to the DARD Minister urging him to suspend trawling activities.
Panels are available in dual hardness of 60/85 ShA for increased wear-life in dry screening applications, or in stan dard single hardness of 85 ShA for wet screening, with a hardness range of 60-90 ShA available.
Cathleen Baker's well researched and enjoyable biography of Dard Hunter was obviously a labour of love.