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DARESDirection de l'Animation de la Recherche, des Études et des Statistiques (French: Directorate of Research, Studies and Statistics Coordination)
DARESDutch Amateur Radio Emergency Service (The Netherlands)
DARESDirection de l'Animation de la Recherche et des Statistiques (French: Directorate of Animation Research and Statistics)
DARESDivision of Applied Research and Educational Support (University of South Florida)
DARESDistrict Agricultural Research and Extension Station (Taiwan)
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Petsch asked Mendes the next question, after she decided to go for a dare.
He told the Irish Mirror yesterday: "I've no idea what I'm getting myself into - I decided to ask listeners to the Breakfast Show to suggest a dare for me and the tattoo dare was the one that kept coming up.
The evolution of dares and dared and the obsolescence of durst
One of the less vile dares was the Cresta run challenge; this had nowt to do with skiing.
Over the years, Dare to Move has entertained audiences on a different level.
Dare Me's premise is compelling; however, some of the dares are odd (one time the Daredevils dress like turkeys so hunters will shoot at them), O.
AN EXHIBITION will be held on the 60th anniversary of comic book hero Dan Dare.
Some of the dares were just silly ('spend a day with an imaginary friend including them in everything you do'), some were a little scary ('stage an impromptu Love Munster March in Belfast') and a few were outright lunacy ('hijack a bus at gun/knife point, throw the driver off and drive it for at least 2km').
Each story is set up with a Truth or Dare question posed by some member of the group.
They still dare to make promises and care enough to keep the promises they make.