DARHTDual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Testing
DARHTDual-Axis Radiographic/Radiography Hydrotest (hydrodynamics testing facility)
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Taking advantage of MOXIE, LANL technical staff this year conducted experiments at DARHT (the Lab's Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test Facility) that greatly benefited the national's Stockpile Stewardship Program.
LANL scientists and engineers fired the first-ever double-viewpoint, multiframe hydrodynamic test at DARHT, the Laboratory's Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test facility - leading to future experiments at LANL and across the nation's nuclear security enterprise, supporting the stockpile stewardship and weapons assurance mission.
AlliedSignal is the first amorphous metal manufacturer to build induction cores that can support the energy requirements of the programs like DARHT," said Bruce Fisher, vice president and general manager of AlliedSignal Amorphous Metals.
The DARHT program is being implemented in two phases.