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DARIDatabase Application Remote Interface
DARIDatabase Application Remote Interface (IBM DB2)
DARIDevelopment Association of Rock Island, Inc. (Illinois)
DARIDose Annuelle due aux Radiations Internes (French: Annual Dose Due to Internal Radiation; nuclear power)
DARIDisability and Aging Resource Institute (est. 2002; Baton Rouge, LA)
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Penundaan Ekspansi Kapasitas, Perlambatan Penurunan Pinjaman: Pan Brothers telah menunda sebagian rencana ekspansi kapasitas dari 2017 ke 2018.
She said the change was intended to link the Facebook page to the BBC Dari radio service, which was launched in 2003 and which, together with the BBC Pashto service, occupies an important place in the crowded local media landscape.
C'est ainsi que l'introduction en Bourse de Dari Couspate en 2005 constitue probablement la meilleure publicite pour la cotation des PME.
They speak Dari when travelling outside the area, with some guests, with government officials and partly in school.
Mr Jones said Mr Rees was already on the floor, but as he got to his feet he was hit across the head by Dari, who had a belt wrapped around his hand.
The same principle applies in open and secondary source data gathering that are documented in Dari and/or Pashto to complement primary source data.
Dari is closely related to Farsi, used in Iran, and to Tajik, used in Tajikistan.
With an 85% illiteracy rate in Afghanistan, one would think that Western education aid would be geared toward teaching students to read and write in Dari and Pashto, but that is not the case.
The bank's executive vice-president and Middle East and North Africa region head Nabeel Al Tattan said that launching Dari ties in with the rapid growth and development of the real estate sector in Bahrain.
Dari is designed to match the bank's customers' needs through flexible, relaxed and long-term repayment period of up to 30 years.
Mohammad Sheikh, Chief Operating Officer of Dari Home Loans who also manages two personal financing companies in the KSA and has extensive experience in the field, said: "We are confident that the support of well-known members, who are actively involved in the finance and installments markets, will enable us to establish the proper environment and provide excellent services which will have positive effects on the KSA's real estate sector.
The lessons in the military portion show questions and phrases in English and in Dari script.