DARICSData Acquisition Reports and Integrated Communications System (AT&T)
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This result is consistent with previous studies on ellipses, which seem to carry out a variety of functions in CMC when used as cues (Darics 2012), such as irony markers (Hancock et al.
2007), but, being a very subjective mark (Figueras 2001: 130), it probably indicates a general affective involvement (Darics 2012; Vandergriff 2013).
2014; Darics 2012), emoji were frequently used with polite speech acts, thanks, wishes, compliments, and other 'supportive actions" (Pomerantz 1978: 82), such as arrangement of meetings and sequences of phatic communion.
According to several scholars, one of the pragmatic function of emoticons is the mitigation of possible face-threats (Darics 2012; Dresner and Herring 2010; Skovholt et al.