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DARMDivision of Air Resource Management (Department of Environmental Protection; Tallahassee, FL)
DARMData at Rest Manager (GTB Technologies; Costa Mesa, CA)
DARMDefense Acquisition Regulation Manual
DARMDeterministic Autoregressive Moving Average
DARMDisposal Area Reuse Management
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The DARM algorithm was introduced to analyze gene expression.
We want to update a set of DARs without the need to apply DARM on the updated dataset as if it was a new set.
1: submission of a task by a user to the DARM server through the user interface 2: mining request sent to the agent zone where ARMCA coordinates the entire agent-based mining process
Request Stage: Request for association rule mining is initiated at the DARM Server by the user.
The GTB DARM allows corporations visibility into where their confidential data lives on the network and to mitigate consequences of laptop theft and other security breaches.
Our partnership with HCE and Metro Scanning along with the support of Division of Purchase and Property in the Department of the Treasury and DARM made this landmark event possible.
In the initial stages of recruitment, Darms made it a priority to contact potential donors herself before they could learn of the archive from the media.
With engineers returning to work at their companies, Darms is confident the experiences will filter back into industry developments, slowly helping to make vehicles and roads safer.
DARMS operation can be controlled by the pilot with a mini-keyboard using the control program which is specially developed software that runs under DOS.
I know rocks--especially the rocks of a small area of west Napa Valley, where I mapped the geology of the vineyards of Trefethen, Darms Lane and Shifflett Estate in great detail.
DARMS and similar languages are just as declarative as Gourley's; They are simply too primitive, having few higher level concepts and no general scoping mechanisms.
Experiments at the Darms Lane vineyard showed a typical result as follows: recovery of an average, severely-affected vine became evident within two months after injection of one 5 milligram dose of tcy into a 4-year-old vine.