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DARMDigital Asset Risk Management
DARMDivision of Air Resource Management (Department of Environmental Protection; Tallahassee, FL)
DARMData at Rest Manager (GTB Technologies; Costa Mesa, CA)
DARMDefense Acquisition Regulation Manual
DARMDeterministic Autoregressive Moving Average
DARMDisposal Area Reuse Management
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(276) Darm argued that this issue was not a matter of public interest because Darm has never treated Craig.
DARM parameters are minimum support, minimum confidence and maximum cvd.
The Association Rule Mining Coordinating Agent (ARMCA) is the main coordinating agent resident in the agent center of the DARM server.
kehra 'Spinnwirtel', mehilainen 'Biene', mesi 'Honig, Met', suoli 'Darm', juoda 'trinken', jaada 'bleiben'; 2.
Breaching the dams stays an option, said Donna Darm, the acting regional administrator for the National Marine Fisheries Service, a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Director of the Project, Darm Tabbaa, said this minority of breeds were seen with different fresh colors, pointing out that it is the first time Gallinule birds are filmed, although they have already been registered in the list of the birds existing in the moist areas of Syria.
Corbin, (13) Donna Darm, (14) Holly Doremus, (15) Robert L.
OUT OF DARM'S WAY Krul, who kept Depay at bay (above) fends off another attack by Darmian
Out-of-state attendees were Mildred (Hitchcock) Darms from Arkansas, Jerry Burris and wife from Florida, and Marilyn (Sims) Ryan from Virginia.
Honorary co-chair wineries will be Darms Lane Winery and 32 Winds Wine.