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DARMDivision of Air Resource Management (Department of Environmental Protection; Tallahassee, FL)
DARMData at Rest Manager (GTB Technologies; Costa Mesa, CA)
DARMDefense Acquisition Regulation Manual
DARMDeterministic Autoregressive Moving Average
DARMDisposal Area Reuse Management
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2007 INVESTMENT ACTIVITY Amount Unit Under- Initial Annual Underwritten ($million) Price written Yield Rent Rent Coverage (000s) Cap Increases Rate DARM DAR(1) SENIOR HOUSING CLOSED $59 $116 9.
Our partnership with HCE and Metro Scanning along with the support of Division of Purchase and Property in the Department of the Treasury and DARM made this landmark event possible.
We've worked long and hard with ACCSES NJ, DARM and DPP on this project and are grateful for their non-stop support and commitment without which this would not have happened," she said.
1: submission of a task by a user to the DARM server through the user interface 2: mining request sent to the agent zone where ARMCA coordinates the entire agent-based mining process
Request Stage: Request for association rule mining is initiated at the DARM Server by the user.
With the release of DARM, the GTB solution becomes the only one on the market that satisfies all eleven requirements from the latest Aberdeen Report, dated August 2006, available at www.
GTB Technologies' DARM pricing starts at $20,000 and is immediately available.
Two of them--Humdrum in the case of Bret Aarden's and David Huron's "Mapping European Folksong," and DARMS (Digital Alternate Representation of Musical Scores) in the case of Jim Stanley's and Antony Kearns's HymnQuest software -- are well-established encoding schemes, neither of which has been widely adopted outside the sphere of computer-assisted musical research.
DARMS was developed through NASA by the Stennis Space Center for use in a Sewall aircraft.
DARMS operation can be controlled by the pilot with a mini-keyboard using the control program which is specially developed software that runs under DOS.
The next section, "Musical Notation Codes (1): DARMS" examines DARMS (Digital Alternate Representation of Musical Scores), a system developed in the early 1960s as a way to encode and ultimately print music using a standard computer keyboard.