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DARMADeterministic Autoregressive Moving Average
DARMADanish Association for Research Managers and Administrators
DARMADiscrete Autoregressive Moving Average
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The picture of one individual stood out from the rest and on a closer look, his faced resembled Don Darma man.
The other stories in the collection are also varied and heterodox, including the Hikayat Si Burung Pingai, which combines Sufi and shamanic elements (Braginsky 2005); the Hikayat Fartana Islam; several Fatimah narratives; and a divergent version of the Hikayat Darma Ta?sia, giving extra agency to the usually powerless wife in the tale (Hijjas 2013).
This latter, advisory concern is more prominent in the contributions by Lenaerts, Akpedonu, Miura, Hitchcock and Darma Putra, and Fross, whose narrower analytical scope focuses on the gains and challenges posed by inscription on the World Heritage List.
[11] Bejo, S., Nengah Surati Jayab I, Hendrayantoc, & Suria Darma Tarigand, 2015.
see LaPolla 1992, 1995 for an overview of case marking in Tibeto-Burman, and LaPolla 2003 for Qiang; Chelliah 1997, 2009 for Meithei; Coupe 2007, 2011a, 2011b for Mongsen Ao; Hyslop 2010 for Kurtop; Lidz 2011 for Yongning Na, Morey 2012 for Singpho; Peterson 2011 for Khumi, Teo 2012 for Sumi, Tournadre 1991 for Tibetan, and Willis 2011 for Darma, among others).
Darma, "Simulation of charge carriers generation rate of SiGe quantum dot based intermediate band solar cell," in AIP Conference Proceedings, pp.
Darma comes good again Although Darma had not won for 20 months, she put matters right in the 6f fillies' handicap when staying on dourly under apprentice Josephine Gordon to repel the persistent attentions of the game eight-year-old Meandmyshadow.
The Clean Academy, Darma Poonoosamy, 975 Charnelton Street Room # 604.
In her essay, Smith foregrounds pre-Islamic beliefs and bilateral kinship ties as factors permitting the acquisition and succession of spiritual influence by women in both the Subud and Sapta Darma groups.
One was in Monasiyah district which saw the arrest of Ahmed Said Jabir Al-Zahrani and Mohamed Said Jabir Al-Zahrani, and one in Darma Province, about 60 km west of the capital, that saw two suspects, who had been building bombs, escape.
* Best Label Design, Silver Award--PT San Darma Plastics for Dulux WeatherShield 20 Liter Paint Pail