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DARMSDigital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols
DARMSDigital Alternate Representation of Musical Scores (computer coding language)
DARMSData Automation Resource Management System
DARMSDevelopmental Army Readiness & Mobilization System
DARMSDevelopment of Assets, Realty & Management Services (Australia)
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In the initial stages of recruitment, Darms made it a priority to contact potential donors herself before they could learn of the archive from the media.
While zines will certainly be present in the archive, Darms emphasizes that the Riot Grrrl Collection is not a standard zine library.
Creating the sensor fusion algorithms to help the team's Chevy Tahoe SUV, nicknamed Boss, track the objects detected in the car's environment sensors, Darms helped steer the car to victory.
With engineers returning to work at their companies, Darms is confident the experiences will filter back into industry developments, slowly helping to make vehicles and roads safer.
DARMS operation can be controlled by the pilot with a mini-keyboard using the control program which is specially developed software that runs under DOS.
Future plans call for the film photography to be updated with DARMS imagery.
I know rocks--especially the rocks of a small area of west Napa Valley, where I mapped the geology of the vineyards of Trefethen, Darms Lane and Shifflett Estate in great detail.
After Tre-fethen, I continued mapping southward, where I had the cooperation of Larry Bump and his daughter, Tricia Bump Davis, of Darms Lane (formerly Crichton Hall Vineyard), and then on to Jeffrey Shifflett's ground (Shifflett Estate.) The results of all this, in somewhat simplified and reduced form, are the three separate maps in this issue (pages 87 and 89), portions of the original full-size map.
N.; Darms, M.; Demitrish, D.; Dolan, J.; Duggins, D.; Ferguson, D.; Galatali, T.; Geyer, C.
DARMS and similar languages are just as declarative as Gourley's; They are simply too primitive, having few higher level concepts and no general scoping mechanisms.
DARM BEAT: Juan Bernat scores the winner for Bayern
Each of resulting batches of batter was rested for 12 h at 4[degrees]C and stuffed into collagen casings (Naturin Darm, Germany) of 35 mm diameter using a filling machine (Cem, Turkey).