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DARMSDigital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols
DARMSDigital Alternate Representation of Musical Scores (computer coding language)
DARMSData Automation Resource Management System
DARMSDevelopmental Army Readiness & Mobilization System
DARMSDevelopment of Assets, Realty & Management Services (Australia)
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While zines will certainly be present in the archive, Darms emphasizes that the Riot Grrrl Collection is not a standard zine library.
9) "Each specific collection will remain discrete," Darms says.
A self-identified punk and feminist of many years, Lisa Darms studied photography at the Evergreen State College in the early 90s, using her work to explore the theory that "slut" and "feminist" are not mutually exclusive.
Darms suggests that the collection will be of major interest to students of gender/feminist/queer studies, but predicts it will exceed these tenuous boundaries.
With engineers returning to work at their companies, Darms is confident the experiences will filter back into industry developments, slowly helping to make vehicles and roads safer.
When Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 for the first time in an aeroplane, he picked up a prize of $25,000," says Darms.
Such systems could help drivers approaching a stop sign they haven't noticed," says Darms.
Darms Lane was formerly known as Crichton Hall Vineyard.
Mox has concentrated his efforts for Darms Lane on producing wines that naturally reflect the vineyard soils.
The sliver of basalt-basaltic andesite dike that crosses Darms Lane, and which came up the aforementioned Trefethen fault, is small but had a great impact in producing Darms Lane Bon Passe Cabernet, the pride of the vineyard.
DARMS and similar languages are just as declarative as Gourley's; They are simply too primitive, having few higher level concepts and no general scoping mechanisms.
I must disagree strongly with Byrd's assertion that DARMS and other early music description language are just as declarative as mine.