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DARNDual Auroral Radar Network
DARNDisaster Amateur Radio Network (California)
DARNDuty Appointed Retention NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer; US Army)
DARNDiocese Amateur Radio Network (Florida)
DARNDeveloping Areas Research Network (Newcastle University; Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK)
DARNDayton Asperger Resource Network (Dayton, OH)
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Our objective was to compare the complications in Lichtenstein repair with tension free Darn repair.
The sample consist of 30 patients [15 cases were managed by Lichtenstein tension free hernioplasty (mesh) and 15 cases were managed by Moloney prolene darn repair].
Lorene also runs another blog, Cre8tive Living where the focus is on green living, which goes hand in hand with the philosophies of Darn Good Yarn.
Mr Darn said the cameras will have recorded images of their thieves but the data was stored on their internal memory.
I still wonder sometimes why I ain't rich since I am so darn smart.
Some years ago, the lady next to me, during a hymn, slammed her book down and said, "I hate it when they change the darn words
Youth America Grand Prix is always cause for celebration, not only because so many young people step up to the plate (this year 132 schools from 13 countries participated), but also because the grown-ups put on a darn good show.
Of late, Jim has become a writer and a darn good one.
I swore never to touch one of those darn computers, thank you very much.
We're just too darn fat, ladies and gentlemen, and we're going to do something about it," said Tommy Thompson, Health and Human Services Secretary, at a news conference.
There darn well ought to be a link to "A [name of university here] Education May Cost Less Than You Think.