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DARNDual Auroral Radar Network
DARNDeveloping Areas Research Network (Newcastle University; Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK)
DARNDayton Asperger Resource Network (Dayton, OH)
DARNDisaster Amateur Radio Network (California)
DARNDuty Appointed Retention NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer; US Army)
DARNDiocese Amateur Radio Network (Florida)
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Gweithio mewn parau roedden nhw, ac un yn cael y dasg arswydus o hollti'r goeden tra roedd y llall yn dal y goeden ar ongl ac wedyn yn ei thynnu'n ysgafn i'r cyfeiriad cywir, cyn ei gosod yn daclus ar y darn oedd eisoes wedi'i wneud ac yn plethu'r ganghennau'n dwt i fewn i'r hyn oedd yna'n barod.
For Darn Good Yarn, success is about the number of families we are able to provide with sustainable, year-round jobs.
With Darn Good Yarn winning the first ever FedEx Small Business Grant Competition now Darn Good Yarn can collaborate with upcoming artists while bringing in many new lines of yarn.
Mr Darn said: "They were motion censored so would come on if triggered by movement.
CYdych A Er mai dyma'r darn cyntaf i mi erioed ei ysgrifennu, mae creu cerddoriaeth newydd ar gyfer y delyn yn uchelgais sy'n agos iawn at fy nghalon.
The purpose of this relationship ain't to get so darn smart we'll get rich.
So we started by putting 3,500 pairs of Darn Tough socks in participant bags for runners at a bank-sponsored marathon here in Vermont.
Youth America Grand Prix is always cause for celebration, not only because so many young people step up to the plate (this year 132 schools from 13 countries participated), but also because the grown-ups put on a darn good show.
Of late, Jim has become a writer and a darn good one.
The crystal skull turns out to be quite talkative, and free with his advice about recipes, which is a darn good thing for Jeanne, who has no personal cooking history and finds herself trying to "buy back" the scepter through sweat equity as a chef in a rural restaurant.
I swore never to touch one of those darn computers, thank you very much.