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DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Administration (US DoD)
DARPADirectory Address Resolution Protocol Allocation (Nortel)
DARPADistributed Analysis and Research Portfolio Aggregator (Zero Hedge)
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The DARPA public affairs team has organized an extensive on-site set of services to help reporters cover the DRC.
DARPA Hard" sums up both the kind of work DARPA does and the way program managers approach their work.
DARPA launched the Open Catalog last February to complement other open-government initiatives and respond to queries from the R&D community and the general public about DARPA s fundamental and applied research.
DARPA unveiled in December the appropriately named "Meta" project.
DARPA was just one of several federal agencies and several research-support paradigms that made a difference.
In announcing the contract award, DARPA acknowledged the NASA AD-1 effort and previous engineering studies on the concept.
This program with DARPA builds on the momentum IBM during the past several years has built to address low power across the IT industry," said Dr.
DARPA-funded research and development has enabled major advances in computing, including a DARPA grant 20 years ago which formed the basis of SGI as a company and lead to a revolution in computer graphics.
During the 2-year project, the NIST team measured CPU usage in many mobile programs and virtual machines written for DARPA, and then developed and evaluated various models to describe CPU demands.
When we first thought about the Grand Challenge in 2003, we genuinely believed only a handful or so of teams would be interested in competing,'' said DARPA Director Tony Tether.
Working in a no-rules, no excuses entrepreneurial environment, the Hardwire team worked hand-in-hand with DARPA and the Army to develop a world class, low cost, hybrid metallic-composite solution that can take the pounding of battle field conditions at greatly reduced weights when compared to current systems.