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DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (US DoD; aka Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration)
DARPADefense Arpa
DARPADirectory Address Resolution Protocol Allocation (Nortel)
DARPADistributed Analysis and Research Portfolio Aggregator (Zero Hedge)
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Technical Breakout Sessions These mini-symposia on a wide range of national security, technological, institutional, societal, and other relevant topics will feature a variety of panelists including DARPA program managers, DARPA alumnae, and industry partners Program Demonstrations/Exhibits This interactive experience will highlight major program achievements of each of DARPAs technical offices DARPA Riser Presentations Poster sessions by the next generation of innovators
The origins of DARPA are better depicted by Weinberger.
DARPA Hard" sums up both the kind of work DARPA does and the way program managers approach their work.
DARPA unveiled in December the appropriately named "Meta" project.
In announcing the contract award, DARPA acknowledged the NASA AD-1 effort and previous engineering studies on the concept.
DARPA created the Grand Challenge, using congressional authority, to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicle technology to replace manned vehicles in dangerous missions and save lives on the battlefield.
DARPA is seeing rapid budget growth: a 20-25% increase from FY01 to FY02, and the FY03 Appropriations bill, passed on October 9, provided roughly $2.
This program with DARPA builds on the momentum IBM during the past several years has built to address low power across the IT industry," said Dr.
DARPA-funded research and development has enabled major advances in computing, including a DARPA grant 20 years ago which formed the basis of SGI as a company and lead to a revolution in computer graphics.
During the 2-year project, the NIST team measured CPU usage in many mobile programs and virtual machines written for DARPA, and then developed and evaluated various models to describe CPU demands.
Many Silicon Valley venture capitalists-no friends of big government--believe that the defunct DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) was one of the most effective government technology programs.