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DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (US DoD; aka Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration)
DARPADefense Arpa
DARPADirectory Address Resolution Protocol Allocation (Nortel)
DARPADistributed Analysis and Research Portfolio Aggregator (Zero Hedge)
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Dr Arnab Basu, chief executive officer of Kromek, said: "As the Sigma programme has begun transitioning to the US Department of Homeland Security, Darpa is turning its focus to add the next generation of biological-threat detection systems.
Todd Master, the Launch Challenge program manager for DARPA's Tactical Technology Office, envisions the future launch environment to have similarities with modern-day airline operations.
The research DARPA does fund is indeed interesting and certainly worthy of examination.
Similarly, she assesses ARPA proposals for ballistic missile defense as "too expensive, too impractical, or a combination of both." Under its expanded name after 1972, DARPA shifted its mind-related research from parapsychology to biocybernetics, then to augmented cognition.
DARPA, founded in 1958, is an agency of the US Department of Defense.
"Many countries [will] have concerns when this technology comes from Darpa, a U.S.
Bill Chappell, director of DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office, when introducing the CHIPS program, said, 'By bringing the best design capabilities, reconfigurable circuit fabrics, and accelerators from the commercial domain, we should be able to create defence systems just by adding smaller specialised chiplets.'
The origins of DARPA are better depicted by Weinberger.
"The DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge brings together the greatest minds in cognitive radio and machine learning," said Matt Ettus, distinguished engineer at NI and founder of Ettus Research.
There was little about DARPA's technology wish list and more about what it's doing now and its accomplishments.
The US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has built a prosthetic hand that has allowed a human subject paralysed for more than a decade to have a sense of touch.